The Benefits of Improving a Property’s Roof and Windows

If you want to improve your property’s overall value, appearance and the comfort of living within it, you are certain to see the benefits of improving the state of the property in question’s roof and windows. These simple improvements can increase the value of your house quite significantly as well as saving you sometimes very significant sums of money in the long run.

Of course, any improvements made on your roof and windows come at a price and sometimes (particularly with larger scale work) there may be a degree of inconvenience. So, what are the benefits of doing so?

The Property’s Roof

The roof is not seen as a very exciting aspect of any property, let alone your home that you see, enter and exit almost every single day of the year. Therefore, it often gets ignored when improvements are being considered for or carried out upon the property in question. However, having a good, strong roof is extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. A decent roof increases value as well as ‘curb appeal;’ how others view your property from outside (standing on the curb.) Research has shown that as much as 40% of a property’s curb appeal is down to the state of its roof.

Replacing or fixing the roof on your property is also very cost effective. A better roof means less problems with your home such leaks, drafts, condensation and damp or heat escaping. For example, if your roof is leaking cold air (likely with older roofs), the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems will have to work harder to function efficiently. Therefore, improving upon your roof will in turn save you money on your utility bills. So important to the state of the property in question and its value can refurbishing a property’s roof be, that each year many people secure specific finance for refurbishments to get this done, increasing their overall resell value and keeping tenants and residents satisfied.

Replacing Windows

Replacing your windows can result in a lot of positive outcomes. Adding new double-glazed PVC windows can add a considerable amount of value to your home. These kinds of windows are considered essential at the lower end of the market by most buyers. PVCu windows require very little maintenance, they are energy efficient and in the majority of cases are very secure; more so than single-glazed equivalents.

In properties that still have their period windows, most people tend not to touch then as they help the property to be classified at a premium price in a higher value market. However, if these windows are not intact or functioning well, it is best to change them. For period windows, you can find windows that fit the appropriate style or get them custom made so not to change the look and feel of the period property.

If the windows need replacing, they should be replaced with a like for like style. However, it will be necessary for them to be double glazed as to please current building regulations, unless the property is listed or in a conservation area. According to English Heritage, plastic windows are not acceptable for listed buildings (read more).

Plastic windows in general though, do come in styles to suit most properties. Timber windows are also low maintenance, which is a great benefit. Timber windows come in various styles but usually in either stained hardwood or timber that is coated with an external layer or vinyl, PVCu or aluminium.

Improving upon the state of your windows not only improves the aesthetic of the property, but good windows also act as insulation and keep the house warmer or cooler when appropriate. In the long-term, this will also likely save you some cash when it comes to the utility bills.