How to Improve the Exterior of a House

Working on the exterior of your property is just as important as working on the interior. Many people are more concerned with the interior, since that is their living environment and what they see day in and day out. It is often easy to ignore what needs to be done to the exterior of your home. Re-doing, adding or simple improvements to the exterior of any property can increase kerb appeal, value and the over-all feel of the place.

In some cases, exterior improvements are necessary for the longevity of the property and need to be done immediately.

Something which you will likely need to think about when having work done on the outside of your property is scaffolding, for any renovations. On top of that, you should consider whether you need an architect or project manager on the job, factoring in these costs into what you can have done to your house.

Use Cladding to Improve the Look of Old Materials

Depending on the on design of your property, the most visible material will be either the external walls or the roof. Making changes to either of these is sure to make a big difference. Adding some cladding over the top can change the walls surprisingly easily. A bonus with adding cladding is that you can add a new layer of external insulation which in turn will improve your home’s energy-efficiency.

Update the Roof

A very much visible part of most properties, changing the tiles on the roof can make the world of distance. There are a few materials to choose from such as concrete and natural slate. Concrete tiles have been the mass builder-of-homes choice for years now. However, the concrete option tends to be more porous than clay or slate and are thus more likely to suffer with unsightly organic growth on the surface.

The more expensive option is natural slate, but you could also choose some good fiber cement slates if your budget does not allow.

If you are wanting to update the roofing tiles, and stripping them, maybe consider killing to birds with one stone and increasing the insulation of your property or adding some additional roof lights into a loft room if you have one. It is easier to make these structural changes once the weight of the tiles is removed.

Change the Guttering

It is definitely worth considering changing the guttering on your house. You may not realise, but changing the guttering can have a huge impact on how your house looks. It is common for recently built properties to have white uPVC guttering, which is designed to look more discreet, but ultimately ends up showing the dirt a lot more than guttering made of black uPVC. For a contemporary look, a good option is powder-coated aluminium box gutters, which can look great.

Add new windows

Be extremely careful when enhancing the exterior of a period property in terms of windows. Windows can change the look of your home, for the worst, if not done correctly to match the look and feel of the period in which the home was built. Take time with this.

However, on a more modern house then consider some coloured uPVC and powder-coated aluminium windows. These are currently very popular and widely available. Care should always be taken when replacing any windows, especially in properties which are older. Be aware that background trickle ventilation needs to be provided within the windows to control condensation.

Also, be aware that windows are a controlled item under Building Regulations, therefore an application to your local authority may be necessary.